How to Make a Rainbow Cake

Hello Food Mania!! Do you need some idea to give your friend or boy/girlfriend a cake for his/her Birthday? Try to make your own Rainbow Cake to give them surprise!! This is the tutorial How to Make a Rainbow cake, enjoy 🙂

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Coto Makassar Recipe

Hi Food Mania!!  Now we would like to share you How to make Coto Makassar and also Buras. Coto Makassar is an Indonesian culinary food  from Makassar, South Sulawesi. It is like a soup with seasoning broth made from starch. The main content of this soup is beef and it can be mixed with innards such as intestine, liver, lungs, heart, tripe. Coto Makassar served with Buras. Buras its like ‘lontong’ but it contains with coconut milk and the flavor is more delicious than lontong.


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How to Make Quick French Toast

Helooo Food Mania!!!

We would like to give you some video demo about French Toast. This french toast is very simple to cook and not many other additional ingredients, and it takes just few minutes to be done. This french toast can be perfect way to breakfast or brunch.

So, let’s check this video to get the tutorial!

Written By AG