Cassis French Fine Dining Jakarta

Morning Food Mania !!! Well, For you guys who loves with French food or you need relaxation place, Just try this one!! Cassis French Fine Dining Jakarta !!



Cassis is located in Jl. KH. Mas Mansyur Kav. 24, Jakarta 10220. The elegant, yet relaxed ambiance is a perfect complement to the culinary delights that await diners and lovers of French Fine Dining. Cassis French Fine Dining creates the a romantic setting for anyone trying to impress a date. The subtle lighting and elegant décor set a warm ambiance right for romanceImage

The two main dining rooms feature large windows, roommates provide a beautiful setting for a wide range of events. Cassis French Fine Dining is the perfect venue for your company events, parties, family gatherings, and weddings, accommodating up to 100 guests. They can cater for outside functions as well. And they also provide Cooking Class, and Photo Session Package



Cassis French Fine Dining consistently provides the highest attainable levels of quality in terms of food, service, and ambiance, all within Cassis’ operating policy, roommates is value for money. Cassis French Fine Dining will please your taste buds with its tempting appetizers, well-known classical dishes from the French haute cuisine, signature dishes, Chef’s “Creative Cuisine”, and decadent dessert selections.


Fine Dining French Cassis wine list offers the perfect selection of top quality and affordable wines from France, Italy, Spain as well as a selection from the New World to accommodate different tastes and various prices. In addition, Cassis French Fine Dining features an excellent selection of cocktails, aperitifs, and specialty coffees and teas.


OK! That’s all what we want to show you about Cassis French Fine Dining Jakarta !!! For Further you can experience it by yourselves Food Mania ! Have a Nice Day !!! 😀

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