Types of Chocolate

Hello Food Mania !!!

Do you know about kind of chocolate that always you face in the market?

Now, we will give you the Types of Chocolate , So you can choose which chocolate do you match, like, and tasty


There are several types of chocolates on the market. Here are the facts related to chocolate

1.Milk Chocolate


Consisting of a mixture of cocoa fat, milk and sugar. This type of chocolate  favored by chocolate lovers than another type and contains a high feeds.

  It has 100mg milk chocolate may contribute 18% energy, 11% protein, 8% iron, 47% calcium, 19% riboflavin (vitamin B), 11% of the required daily vitamin A in the body.

2.White Chocolate


Consisting of a mixture of sugar, fat and dairy cocoa.White chocolate also contains high energy content (18%) and high in calcium and vitamins. However, it has low protein content and no cocoa powder. It tastes sweeter chocolate than other types.

3. Dark Chocolate


Consisting of a mixture of cocoa sugar and fat.

contains fat content and high iron (23%).

However, other substances are low because it contains no milk mixture.

4.Unsweetened Chocolate/Chocolate Diabetic


To produce this chocolate, sugar is replaced with artificial sugars such as maltitol, sorbitol and isomalt.

Unsweetened chocolate is still perpetuate sweetness and survived to be taken by diabetic person

This type of chocolate is difficult to be found in the market and the price is little bit expensive.

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