Increase Your Stamina with These Foods

Morning Food Mania !!! Now we have tips for you who needs more stamina in your daily activity


In our daily routine, there are times when your body feel  lethargic and less vibrant. This can be happened for several reasons, such as stress, lack of rest, or lack of nutrients in the body, which can reduce the productivity of your work.

However, don’t worry. There are many easy ways to boost your energy and spirit back. One way is to eat healthy foods. Eating healthy foods is useful for keeping your energy levels so that you stay motivated at work. Here are 6 healthy foods that can increase your energy and stamina



A study says that, by consuming four stalks of celery a day can decreaser blood pressure by 6 points to 3 points systolic pressure and diastolic pressure. Moreover, the content of phytochemicals in celery called phthalides, the blood can flows properly and makes your arteries more relaxed.



Seaweed is one of the seafood that is 100 percent natural because it has a very complete nutrition and good to meet the daily nutritional needs. Seaweed works by increasing the production of antibodies, cytokines, (infection fighting proteins), and other cells that improve immunity so that helps heal infections and chronic diseases such as cancer. In addition, seaweed is also useful to prevent anemia and allergies.



Peanuts can help the body’s defenses and preventing several diseases. The content of phytosterols in peanuts can lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels. Peanuts are also enriched with healthy fats, contains high protein, iron, vitamin E and calcium, vitamin B complex, which is very useful to keep all body functions and serve as antioxidants to fight premature aging.



Scallop is oyster with white round shaped yellowish, because it is still in the family shellfish, do not be surprised if the scallop has a high content of minerals that are beneficial to the body, such as iron, calcium, zinc and contains more than 80% protein.



Beef is a good source of iron for the body. Iron plays a role in the formation of red blood cells and helps transport oxygen to all body issues. In addition, beef is also rich in zinc, selenium, vitamin B, vitamin D, and omega-3 fatty acids and proteins that help the development of your muscles.



Lentils are kind of nuts that has a lot of nutrition in it. As with other types of beans, lentils are also fortified with folic acid, vitamin B, iron, calcium and a good source of protein for the body. In the body, lentils are antioxidants that effectively prevent the entry of free radicals by increasing endurance.

The body needs sufficient energy and stamina to perform daily activities. If you want the energy and stamina to stay awake all day, add those above foods in your breakfast menu. Good luck!

Written By FY


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