Foodpanda Delivery

Morning Food Mania !
Do you feel lazy to find some foods when doing your daily activity in office or in your home?
Well, today Foodlouvers will introduce one of big online food delivery service in Indonesia, and we hope it will be very useful.
Foodpanda Delivery


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Cassis French Fine Dining Jakarta

Morning Food Mania !!! Well, For you guys who loves with French food or you need relaxation place, Just try this one!! Cassis French Fine Dining Jakarta !!



Cassis is located in Jl. KH. Mas Mansyur Kav. 24, Jakarta 10220. The elegant, yet relaxed ambiance is a perfect complement to the culinary delights that await diners and lovers of French Fine Dining. Cassis French Fine Dining creates the a romantic setting for anyone trying to impress a date. The subtle lighting and elegant décor set a warm ambiance right for romance Continue reading

Segarra Restaurant Jakarta

Hello Food Mania !! Now we have new Recommendation Restaurant for you guys who search the cozy and romantic one.
This is it !!! Segarra Restaurant Jakarta !!!


Segarra is a beachside restaurant, a place for a wedding, a place for meetings, exhibitions and other activities. Having land area of ​​4364m2 and 727m2 building area with a capacity of more than 1200 people, was built with the concept of ‘scenic seas’ and supported by the parking area with a variety of types or specialty food and drink with nationally and internationally and supported by more than 100 employees

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Types of Chocolate

Hello Food Mania !!!

Do you know about kind of chocolate that always you face in the market?

Now, we will give you the Types of Chocolate , So you can choose which chocolate do you match, like, and tasty


There are several types of chocolates on the market. Here are the facts related to chocolate

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Increase Your Stamina with These Foods

Morning Food Mania !!! Now we have tips for you who needs more stamina in your daily activity


In our daily routine, there are times when your body feel  lethargic and less vibrant. This can be happened for several reasons, such as stress, lack of rest, or lack of nutrients in the body, which can reduce the productivity of your work.

However, don’t worry. There are many easy ways to boost your energy and spirit back. One way is to eat healthy foods. Eating healthy foods is useful for keeping your energy levels so that you stay motivated at work. Here are 6 healthy foods that can increase your energy and stamina

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Insomnia? Try these foods

Hallo Food Mania~
Do you have insomnia or hard to sleep well? Too tired and the work that piled up could be the cause. Try to eat fruits, seeds or drinking milk. Some of the simpler foods it can make sleep easier.


When our Body feels very tired, sometimes make it difficult to sleep more quickly. Heavy workload can also be a trigger sleeplessness or insomnia. To overcome this, it is not difficult. With a little careful choosing, there are some foods that can make drowsiness come. As some of these foods:

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