Foodpanda Delivery

Morning Food Mania !
Do you feel lazy to find some foods when doing your daily activity in office or in your home?
Well, today Foodlouvers will introduce one of big online food delivery service in Indonesia, and we hope it will be very useful.
Foodpanda Delivery


This online food delivery service  corporate with more than  400 restaurants around Indonesia. You don’t have to ask others to know which restaurant that close to your place, range of price, list of menu, and so much more. Because Foodpanda will offer those informations. There are 4 big regions that Foodpanda still concern in Indonesia such as Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya, and Bali. Foodpanda has many branches out of Indonesia. For example Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, India, Pakistan, Vietnam, Taiwan, and so much more.



You can order via phone or mobile apps. Foodpanda offers an apps for making customer feels more comfortable and flexible in ordering food. There are available on AppStore and Google Play. How does it works? Watch this one !


You can visit them on and join some social media such as and

That’s all what we can share from Foodpanda 😀
So? Go! Go! Get it Food Mania!
Written By FY


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