Insomnia? Try these foods

Hallo Food Mania~
Do you have insomnia or hard to sleep well? Too tired and the work that piled up could be the cause. Try to eat fruits, seeds or drinking milk. Some of the simpler foods it can make sleep easier.


When our Body feels very tired, sometimes make it difficult to sleep more quickly. Heavy workload can also be a trigger sleeplessness or insomnia. To overcome this, it is not difficult. With a little careful choosing, there are some foods that can make drowsiness come. As some of these foods:

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Coto Makassar Recipe

Hi Food Mania!!  Now we would like to share you How to make Coto Makassar and also Buras. Coto Makassar is an Indonesian culinary food  from Makassar, South Sulawesi. It is like a soup with seasoning broth made from starch. The main content of this soup is beef and it can be mixed with innards such as intestine, liver, lungs, heart, tripe. Coto Makassar served with Buras. Buras its like ‘lontong’ but it contains with coconut milk and the flavor is more delicious than lontong.


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Diet Menu for Food Mania

Hi food mania!!!! One of our followers request to share about diet menu. So this is the diet menu for 4 days

DAY 1:


2 scrambled egg whites

½ grapefruit or other fresh fruit

1 cup green tea or coffee


Large green salad or asinan with tuna, or you can change it with grilled beef

1 cup green tea


Grilled chicken

broccoli, egg, beans (steam)

1 cup green tea or original tea


sugar-free plain yogurt

1 serving low-sugar fruit (such as apples, berries, grapefruit, pears, or grapes)

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