Insomnia? Try these foods

Hallo Food Mania~
Do you have insomnia or hard to sleep well? Too tired and the work that piled up could be the cause. Try to eat fruits, seeds or drinking milk. Some of the simpler foods it can make sleep easier.


When our Body feels very tired, sometimes make it difficult to sleep more quickly. Heavy workload can also be a trigger sleeplessness or insomnia. To overcome this, it is not difficult. With a little careful choosing, there are some foods that can make drowsiness come. As some of these foods:

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Pancake Durian

Happy Weekend Food Mania!! Today we will introduce you some kind of Food that very popular in Medan as a gift for your friends or family if you come to Medan….

Who does not know durian? fruit outward appearance looks fierce and bristly fruit has a very tender meat. Fragrant aroma and distinctive taste make durian is so popular although not a few who immediately closes the nose when sniffed. Fruit that has been named as The King Of Fruit is not only delicious when eaten straight, but also favors processed into juice, ice cream, and various desserts. One of the popular dessert is the durian pancake.


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