Pancake Durian

Happy Weekend Food Mania!! Today we will introduce you some kind of Food that very popular in Medan as a gift for your friends or family if you come to Medan….

Who does not know durian? fruit outward appearance looks fierce and bristly fruit has a very tender meat. Fragrant aroma and distinctive taste make durian is so popular although not a few who immediately closes the nose when sniffed. Fruit that has been named as The King Of Fruit is not only delicious when eaten straight, but also favors processed into juice, ice cream, and various desserts. One of the popular dessert is the durian pancake.


In Medan, durian pancake into a typical hawker found in almost every restaurant or gift shop. Durian pancake made of thin spring roll skin type containing durian flesh is mashed. There is also an insert whipped cream into the content of the pancakes. It looked like a pillow with an assortment of sizes, there is a small size for a single bite, and there is also a slightly larger size.

Matter of taste do not doubt. Durian is sweet and sticky combined with delicate skin, mmm .. it feels soft and melting on the tongue. More delicious if served chilled and enjoyed with coffee or hot chocolate. If you had the opportunity to walk into the field, in addition to Bolu Meranti and Bika Ambon, the food should not be missed in the list of souvenirs

If you wanna buy Durian Pancake, you can come to Durian House @ Jl Sekip No 67H, Medan Indonesia. With the right size (height width 2 finger knuckle), Durian Pancake is able to spoil addicted to pleasure durian flavor without having dug too deep pocket. Only Rp 50,ooo for 10 Durian Pancake that can be packaged specifically to strike them durian lovers who would travel (unit price of Rp 5,000).

durian pancake - food lovers durian pancake packaging - food durian-house-medan-food-lover

‘is there any Durian Pancake in Jakarta?’ yes of course Food Lovers!!

For Jakarta residents who want to enjoy the delicious durian pancake, do not have far to order from Medan. Contained outlets in Mall Ambasador Durian Pancake ‘Aroma‘ providing durian pancakes with authentic flavors typical Medan. Durian pancake fans in Jakarta is quite a lot, evident from the large number of orders written on the board outlets. If you do not want to run out, can order a few days earlier. A piece of durian pancake you can enjoy for Rp 10,000 per piece.

Another version of the durian pancake you can enjoy in Mr. Pancake Jakarta. Unlike the typical durian pancake Medan, here durian pancake is served in the form of a round pancake and somewhat thick, and then given a durian cream topping and chocolate sauce. This menu can also be one of the best-selling menu outlets Mr. Pancake in other cities.

Written By AG


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