Social House

Hello Food Mania!!! now we will give you some suggestion cool place for hang out!! check this out

Social House is a restaurant and bar with a nice view on Plaza Indonesia‘s roundabout. The atmosphere is supposed to be the feel-like-home type, but it is actually one of the hippest venues in Jakarta, so you do not feel that comfortable. Many celebrities and models come here, literally dozens of them on any weekend night.

blueberry cheesecake-social house-food lovers

Social House offers comfort with the concept of a totally different class. Divided into two large areas, namely area Lounge and Dining Area. Lounge in a special area just for the drinks and light snacks, while the Dining area to enjoy its heavier.

Both areas have the same comfort powerful concept it. A lounge area with a comfortable sofa, and there are few places to sit near a window that has a city view themselves. Magnificent atmosphere perfect for enjoying the night “hang out” with casual office colleagues for a moment while waiting for traffic to melt slightly.

Dining area with table and chairs arrangement on the sidelines of the exotic trappings of interior design and comfortable. Perfect to have your cozy relaxing dinner, business dining, and also for a romantic night together “your love one”.

social house - food lovers social house - grand indonesia

social house

Under the direction of Executive Chef Aldo Volpi from Italy that has been in existence everywhere, Social House offers a wide range of Fine Dining menu from a variety of international tastes. Overall option menu is divided into two major groups, namely Asian Cuisine and Western Cuisine.

Chicken Croquette – Rp 55.000, –
Croquette is very tasty. The skin is very crisp bread flour, and so on-bites, cheese and potato stuffing warm melted in the mouth. Elements of cheese and milk her very fit, so there is no impression at all feel sick. His wonderfully soft texture, with a little chunk of chicken meat.

chicken croquette-social house

What is unique is the provision of fresh salsa as his companion croquette. Sweet taste and weight of the potato and cheese directly on the neutral with sour-spicy fresh tomato salsa. The combination of an extremely successful!

Steam Sea Bass – Rp 135.000, –
Sea Bass fillet a fish in steam, with grated fresh ginger, cilantro, and lemon juice are dominant, served soggy fry, accompanied by baby spinach stew was tender and tasty. The menu is very tasty, and very healthy to enjoy. his fish fresh, steam fitting, blend with quite perfect. Highly Recommended!

steam seabass-social house

Pan Fried Porchetta – Rp 120,000, –
Porchetta or pork in the “pan-fried” with balsamic Reduction, served with Pumpkin Puree. The pork was very tasty. The texture of the dry, but not hard or tough. Its outer surface was crisp with a slightly sweet taste, due to slightly caramelize when cooked. This dish is also served with pumpkin puree. The texture of puree it self is soft, with a sweet taste the pumpkin flavor follows the character. Delicious!!

pan fries porchetta-social house-food-lover

Home Made Lemon Tea – Rp 35.000, –
For those who just want to enjoy a relaxing evening with a theme that is not heavy, is trying to be preferred beverage the Home Made Lemon Tea. Lemon Tea that is very rich in variety, with the provision of ice cream sorbet sour taste fresh, fresh mint leaves, and a small sugar cane, which can still be “in-eats away” sweet water that is contained in that trunk. Very Refreshing!!

home-made iced lemon tea-social house-food-lovers

Nutella milkshake with Marshmallow

nutella-milkshake-with marshmallow-social house-food lover


cappucino social house

Blueberry Cheese Cake

blueberry cheesecake-social house-food lovers


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