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Hello Food Mania!!

Come to Bandung will give your eyes a beautiful panorama. The town that called Paris Van Java does have beautiful scenery. In addition to the air and the air is cool and exciting. One of the culinary attractions of the famous Bandung Dago area. There are so many restaurants that are in this area. Whole foods can be found here. Starting from Indonesian food, Western food, Japanese food, Indian food is also available through. When night falls, many stalls – stalls selling snacks and dinner like grilled corn on toast. Meaning to say that Bandung is the right place for you Food Lovers!!!!

Café sierra dago located above this area is one tourist destination travelers from Bandung city and surrounding towns. The place is often also used for weddings, birthdays, and other social gathering.
Because they are located in areas where the air is cool and dago then cool down at night. His own place very broad, and its parking lot was big. Large office and divided into 2 areas, indoor and outdoor. For more cool evenings sitting in his outdoor area while enjoying the cool evening breeze and a beautiful view of Bandung. The café seems clean and romantic at night. The waiters are very friendly to serve the customers who come there.

sierra cafe bandung foodlovers                             sierra bandung foodlouvers

sierra-cafe-bandung-food lovers                             balkon sierra bandung - food lovers

The food here quite a lot, almost every kind of food menu is available here. Want a Local, Western, Japan, Chinese , India , Korea and many more. One of the food menu is grilled rib soup. This rib roast until lightly browned on and smell the distinctive scent. Then on top of it were kind of BBQ red sauce. When bitten flesh feels soft, a little chewy but still easy to eat and easily separated from the bone. It was tasty, slightly sour and sweet.. Because the size is big enough, one portion have been satisfied. It costs about 130k.

Another menu is Zuppa Soup. It cost you around 25k. Its served as Zuppa Soup in general, where on top of it there is a big puff covered creamy soup. For the soup tastes good and it’s so creamy. Content is also quite a lot and warm. Her creamy sauce was tasty and really do not make feel sick. Salty taste mixed with her sweet little fitting and satisfying.

zuppa soup cafe sierra bandung food lovers                                  sierra cafe drink foodlouvers

This café is also contained in Chicken teriyaki set consists of rice, chicken teriyaki, salad, soup, and fruit as a dessert. The rice used is glutinous rice like a Japanese rice. Given a piece of Nori. Really fluffier and warmer. Eaten with chicken teriyaki that tastes so delicious. Do not forget to eat vegetables that add vitamins in our food. Besides that there’s also Bento box. The contents of the bento box was rice, chicken teriyaki, tempura and Kani sushi and salad.

cafe sierra - food louver                                           cafe sierra - foodlouvers

There’s also a typical Indonesian food  like Nasi Rames. It contained Sate Lilit, Oseng Teri Tempe Kacang, Balado Egg , Chicken Curry, Cah Sayur, and Tahu Oseng. The rice was very delicious.

sierra bandung                                               food lovers

Overall this is the Recommended place for you Food Mania

Written By MH


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