Foods that can Improve your concentration to study

HI Food Mania!!! Have a difficulty during your study? Don’t worry Food Mania!! We will give you the list which food you can eat to improve your concentration to study.

1. Popcorn
Crunchy snack rich in vitamins B6, B12, and E is increasing your ability to focus and memory and brain power.

popcorn buckets food lovers

2. Avocado
The fruit is not high in omega-3 fatty acids that are a great alternative for those who are not a fan of fish.

AVOCADO food lovers

3. Nuts and seeds
Grab a handful of nuts or seeds to meet your favorite antioxidants and protein that helps keep your mind on track. Nuts and seeds also help give your brain a long-term protection against cognitive decline.

seeds and nuts - food lovers

4. Caffeine
Enjoy caffeine to start your ability to focus. The key is moderation. Too much caffeine can lead to anxiety and unable to concentrate.

caffeine food lovers

5. Sugar
Just a spoonful of sugar to provide energy in a short while. Eat fresh fruit with naturally sweetened fresh fruit.

sugar - food lovers

6. Fish
Eating fish rich in omega-3 fatty acids twice a week will give your brain vitamins it needs to function properly. Whenever possible, choose fish that have low levels of mercury such as salmon.

salmon fish - food lovers

7. Blueberry
This fruit helps protect the brain from Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. The study also showed an increase in learning ability associated with the consumption of this fruit.

blueberry - food lovers


Written By AG


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