Myth about Iced Mineral Water


During this time, many think that water ice or cold water is one of the causes of obesity and ‘Perut Buncit’

Though just a myth!!!
iced water food louvers Glass of cold mineral water with ice cubes on white background

Ice water and cold fresh water, no calories at all, so it does not cause obesity or ‘Perut Buncit’

Obesity occurs due to accumulated calories from the foods and beverages we eat in the form of fat. All materials calorie food, unused to activity and energy, will be stored as fat.
Distended stomach is a blend of thick layers of fat in the abdominal wall and omental fat (protective fat gut). When the two parts of the body rich in fat, the stomach the person will look bloated ..

What about iced tea, Ice Mix, Ice Teler etc that tastes sweet?

All the ice that contain sugar, brown sugar and milk, contains calories that can lead to obesity. Thus, their consumption should be limited if you want to slim body ..

What if the milk sugar and low calorie sweetener replaced?

Low-calorie sweeteners are able to prevent obesity because of the calorie content is very small, but the side effects of consumption of low-calorie sweeteners are generally quite dangerous and even lethal when used in large quantities and long duration

Written By MH


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