Ragusa Ice Cream

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At first, Ragusa was opened in the PRJ, and then moved to Jl. Veteran.
Ice Cream Menus age “old school” is maintained. One advantage of Ice Cream is not using preservatives, so it’s still fresh. Menu her closely guarded secrecy, making it taste Ice Cream Ice Cream is different from the modern present.

Options menu is very diverse, there are banana split, special mix, spaghetti ice cream, cassata siciliana, tutti frutti, chocolate sundae, lemon ice, cola float and nougat. Well, this is all a combination of English and Italian. If you are confused about what to choose, can see the pictures that are available on the wall to imagine what it would buy.

One of the favorites here, of course is a banana split. Banana split served in a bowl that is very attractive and tempting when eaten. A split porsibanana priced at Rp. 28,000. It was the highest price for the ice cream here. Price range ice cream here between Rp 12,000 to Rp 28,000. All tailored to individual taste.

One of the highlights is the interior which is maintained to continue to seem ancient. The building is kept like atmosphere “tempoe doeloe”, with only fan for cooling and air circulation. No AC, because the roof is made possible air circulation running smoothly. The desk chair is also made so that the atmosphere of the classic “tempoe doeloe” still felt.

Ragusa Ice Cream Shop is almost always filled with visitors, especially during the holidays. Limited seating causes people to be willing to queue for ice cream could taste this delicacy. The narrow-parking is nearly always full on holidays. Of course, a combination of historical narrative, the delights of the menu, and a full line of business processes, making ice cream Ragusa getting hunted man because it could become the story. If you want to relax in this shop, come on weekdays, so that we could enjoy ice cream “tempoe doeloe” is more convenient.

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