Magnum Cafe

Pertama%20di%20Dunia,%20magnum%20cafe%20menggebrak%20Jakarta_tcm108-262394magnum cafe grand indonesia

Hi Food Lovers!

Have you ever heard about Magnum Café? Magnum Café is the place for the pleasure seekers. It’s the most popular ice cream café in Jakarta. Magnum Café is located in 5th floor Grand Indonesia shopping town and serve you with indoor and outdoor atmosphere. Interior in Magnum Café is quiet interesting because it designed like a café and full of quotes about chocolate. If you come to Magnum Café, you will feel like the most rich person who come to the restaurant. The first thing that you see in entrance of Magnum Café is the luxurious Red Carpet. The arrangement of the tables and the chairs will make you feel comfortable and relax. You can also see the chef who cook and making the various from Magnum ice cream.

Menu in Magnum Café are dominate with ice cream, chocolate, and pastry. If you don’t want to eat ice cream but you want to feel the experience eating in Magnum Café you can choose another menu, for example like steak or French fries and pasta. For the beverage in Magnum Café, they served many kind of beverages. If you like chocolate, you can choose ice chocolate with various topping and many more. You can also make your own Magnum Ice Cream with many topping.

Magnum Café also provide hotspot area with good connection.

For those who want to hang out with your friends or maybe you want to meeting with your business partner you can come to Magnum Café 🙂

ice cream magnum


red velvet magnum cafe


Written By AG


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